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Who We Are

Providing affordable and reliable energy

We are an indigenous and integrated services provider formed to deliver value added services to various industries such as the Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, FMCG, etc. within Nigeria.

We seek to provide excellent services to our clients thereby adding value in the best and professional way possible. Our focus is our client’s satisfaction such that they get more value at a lower cost.

A Vital Energy Resource For A Better Tomorrow

we take pride in our unique approach to catering to the diverse needs of industries, ensuring that each client benefits from a tailored and comprehensive experience.

What We Offer

Our sustained competitive advantage within the industry strategically positions us to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Maintenance Support Services

Tne crucial aspect of these services is valve maintenance, which includes tasks...

Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management is a crucial service that focuses on ensuring the...

Procurement Services (Equipment and Spares/Material)

Procurement Services play a crucial role in ensuring the availability of essential...

Oil & Gas Metering System Recertification and Assurance

The oil and gas metering system recertification and assurance service plays a...

Manpower Support Services

Manpower Support Services encompass the provision of competent and skilled personnel for...


Project Management. Waste Management. Logistics Management Consulting